3+1 Books About Food: 3 works of fiction + 1 work of nonfiction on a particular subject

Food for Thought: books on food


Part of my new section featuring three fiction books and one nonfiction about one subject.

1. Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel

Like_Water_for_Chocolate_(Book_Cover)Mexican food and passion

Like Water for Chocolate is an extremely sensual tale of a family of women during the Mexican Revolution, told from the kitchen. While many authors have tried to incorporate recipes into novels, no novel does it as seamlessly as Like Water for Chocolate. Through the meals she cooks, Tita, the ever-suffering youngest daughter, expresses her feelings of joy, love, loss, anger and compassion. A truly delicious book.

2. Tomorrow There Will be Apricots, Jessica Soffer

Soffer3Masgouf and family

Another book where food takes on the life of a character, Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots is a touching and inspiring novel where Masgouf, a traditional Iraqi dish, takes center stage. Through the story of Lorca, an attention-starved teen with a selfish, self-absorbed chef mother who…

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