Tiny is the New American Dream

Tiny House cnc.archinect.net

(Image from http://archinect.com/; Credit Michael Dyrland)

Last month I was exposed to the Tiny House Movement going on. I am fascinated by this adaptive behaviors by Americans and citizens in several other countries. With the economic changes and climate change the Tiny House Movement seems to be one of the ways of adapting to different expectations of our future.

There is a lot of push back. I feel it creeping in my own thoughts as well. What about when your family size changes? What is you need to relocate? What about your local zoning laws and the legitimacy of space? With every counterculture the behavior of tiny spaces is exactly against the status-quo. The status-quo of the American dream and may I add the script we have been told since children of this is how your life will be: get good grades, go to a good college, take out debt to go to that college, get a corporate job that you hate but have great benefits and a 401K, get married, buy a BIG house, have some kids, get more debt, and try to retire at 65 years old.

Guess what that American dream is not attainable and I don’t think I ever wanted it to begin with. I see the Tiny House Movement as people taking a stand saying “No I am not going to told how to live my life. I have a choice. And this is my choice”.


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